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Getting Started

Get your Pokémon
in one step!

Just fill the form and get your Pokémon to start playing this game online. You can set your card with the 718 Pokémon list, color scheme and more!
  1. Team Shadow X
  2. Rayquaza
  3. Rayquaza
  4. Dark
  5. Shiny
  6. Chuu
  7. gocorn
  8. Dusknoir
  9. Mew
  10. Arca
Import your Pokémon Team right from your UnovaRPG account
Recover your Pokémon

If you have the ID of your Pokémon just type it below and left all other fields blank.

Otherwise fill some other fields with exact information you remember about your Pokémon such as your trainer name and/or your Pokémon nick. Leave blank all other fields you don't remember.

Hint: If you have a Friend Code insert it on the form and you can find your Pokémon faster.

Info & FAQ

Welcome to PokéRank. PokéRank is an online game where you can create your Pokémon, get your card and publish it to gain experience and play the online Pokémon game!

Once you fill the form you will receive both an HTML and a BB Code.

Simply paste your HTML code into your website or blog, or use the BB Code if you want to put your card on most of forums signatures.

Optionally, you'll get a simple URL code that you can use to increase the ranking of your Pokémon Card too.

Every 10 Exp points your Pokémon will raise one level.